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From the Desk of Terry Gunn:

This Will Work For You!

Even If your time is limited

Even if you're completely new

Even if you're struggling to play your first song...

Quickly & Easily Get Started For Less Than You Would Think!

You can:
Begin by playing simple songs and learning good habits right off the bat

Learn to recognize common chords and know when to use them in what order

Develope chords into complex progressions so you can use them in the songs that you are playing right away

Stop wasting time and money trying to learn the process alone - you NEED instruction, guidance and motivation!

Discover the value of learning at your own pace - as you have the time

Einstein Said It Best

Isn't it time to stop doing the same old things over and over again and start doing something new!


I know what it's like trying figuring all this stuff out for yourself...

It can be a long and PAINFUL experience!

Music Isn't an Easy Thing
For Most People To 
Learn Alone...

That's why I want to help make it easier for you!


Many have set out with HIGH HOPES trying to learn to play on their own.

 They get all the information they can get their hands on

And the result is:


Far too many have given up because of a lack of a systematic approach

Maybe you’ve been in the same situation?

You know you have to change something; that's why you are looking around for something new.
You have landed on this page for a reason!

Long story short. . .

Once you realize that what you are doing is NOT WORKING and you MUST do something NEW, NOW. . .

Once you understand that if you really want to learn right, you have to sow BIG seeds so that you can reap BIG REWARDS. . .

. . .Then you will comprehend the value of a complete system that will start at the beginning and each lesson will build from the previous lessons until it all becomes crystal clear and makes total sense to you!!

You'll be shouting:


I Have Found it!

 1 - Start with 1 finger if that's where you need to start

You may not be that excited yet...

2 - Continue to work the system using 2 notes at once

If you are new to this, your hopes will be building.

The results: You will actually be playing songs that sound better each day.

  3 - Add the left hand and begin playing both hands together!

Now, you are really playing and excited about it all!

4 - Add full chords in the right hand and you create a full sound.

You will be on cloud nine now - starting to sound great!

All of this in the FIRST Lesson!

Forget reading notes - lead sheets will get you there quicker!

Forget boring songs that you will never actually use

Forget classroom settings with no personal attention

I want to share this with a select few people...


And YOU, can join this online training today!

It has allowed me the opportunity to train many people AND more importantly...

It has allowed me to turn beginners into musicians - and YOU can get results too!


No matter what skill level you have attained

No matter how confused, angry and frustrated you are

No matter how many nonproductive lessons you’ve had before

No matter how many times you’ve failed

No matter how much money you’ve spent on lessons

No matter what your level of education/age/ability

So What's The Secret?

Piano Lesson Series

Here's What You're Getting When You
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- Piano fast start! This is where you get a step-by-step introduction from the very beginning and learn how it all works so you can begin playing simple songs immediately even if you're completely new

- You Get to tap into my EASY SYSTEMIZED STEPS.  This will ultimately get you off to a flying start fast!

- The science to learning the nashville number system, so you can avoid losing time and even money.

- The ABCs
to creating chord progressions so you can build a big sound fast, add more complex chords to that foundation and grow even more!

- How to form 7ths, 9ths, 11ths and 13ths and understand when to use them.

- The steps to creating a studio mindset to become the well rounded musician you've always wanted to be.

- The science behind adding runs and fills so you can permanently change your playing and learn what TRUE ACCOMPANIMENT is all about

- Simple steps to understanding the different techniques to use with up tempo songs so you can get better results

And more...

More than 45 Instructional Videos

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